President Harrison led the discussion this morning at the second disaster relief “war room” meeting at the International Center since the quake and tsunami hit last Friday.

Reports and information were coordinated and shared from the following departments and individuals–either in person or by phone.


  • John Fale
  • Dennis Fangmann
  • Glenn Merritt
  • Darin Storkson
  • Al Dowbnia
  • Hans Springer
  • Chrissy Thomas


  • Dave Birner
  • John Mehl
  • Kama Bernabo
  • Travis Torblaa
  • Stacey Grapengater


  • David Strand
  • Jim Heine
  • Adriane Dorr
  • Joe Isenhower
  • Melanie Ave

President’s Office

  • Matt Harrison
  • Jon Vieker
  • Kim Vieker


  • Blake Tilley

For the latest information on LCMS relief efforts, check back often at

Following chapel this morning, staff at the IC gathered to wish President Harrison a happy birthday.