Saint Katharine’s Lutheran Church in Kiev, Ukraine

30 August 2015

Today, we worshiped in Saint Katharine’s Lutheran Church in Kiev. Saint Katharine’s is a congregation of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ukraine (DELKU).


It is located at “22 Lutheran Street,” and was located in the old German quarter of the city.

St Katharine Plaque

Saint Katharine’s was built in 1857. The church is only a decade younger than the Missouri Synod.

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Here are architectural drawings from the 1850s of the church.


A photo of the church from the 19th century.

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Saint Katharine’s has a very nice organ and an excellent choir.

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The “Gloria” from the Lutheran Liturgy. The melody would be familiar to many in the Missouri Synod. The “Gloria” in the DELKU’s hymnal is the same as Lutheran Service Book 947.

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The melody is by Nicolaus Decius, who wrote this around the time of the Reformation for the versification of the Gloria in Excelsis.


We sang “Jesus, lead Thou on,” which can be found in Lutheran Service Book 718. The German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine’s hymnal has many of the hymns in Russian, German, and English.


 Deacon Igor Shemigon preached on the “Good Samaritan” His sermon was an excellent example of Law and Gospel preaching with practical application.

Tomorrow we head for Odessa to meet at the DELKU church office.

The liturgy for the non-communion service can be seen below or  found at this link:

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 — Rev. Albert B. Collver, Ph.D., Director of Church Relations