Confessional Lutheran leaders from Sweden, Norway and Finland visited the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod International Center May 6 to meet with the CTCR.  The 38 Scandinavians also will visit both LC-MS seminaries and several congregations. They are interested in the Missouri Synod as a church body that seeks to be faithful to the apostolic and Reformation heritage in a postmodern age, and to realize the vision of the Church that the late Bishop Bo Giertz described in The Hammer of God. The Scandinavian leaders are from a number of Confessional Lutheran movements, but might all be fairly described as in the Giertz tradition.

The group includes Bishop Roland Gustafsson of the Mission Province in Sweden and Finland, Rector Johannes Hellberg of the Lutheran School of Theology in Gothenburg, leaders of four Norwegian Confessional Lutheran movements, and ordained and lay leaders of several other Confessional movements.

It was a great honor and privilege to have this group with us today.