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Concordia Publishing House (CPH) in cooperation with the Office of International Mission (OIM) has launched a Missionary Gift Registry to benefit the work of sharing the Gospel overseas. In a joint meeting between the LCMS Regional Directors and Dr. Bruce Kintz of CPH, the Regional Directors asked if CPH could find a way to help missionaries get CPH materials onto the mission field, where emerging churches could make use of the material. CPH created a webpage that contains a list of materials LCMS missionaries would like to sue on the mission field with partner churches, emerging churches, and converts to the Christian faith. The web address is


Each quarter the regional directors will update the list and provide CPH with a list of needed resources. CPH also is working with LCMS missionaries to identify resources to translate into other languages. Please take a look at the CPH site created to help our LCMS missionaries.


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The CPH website helpfully shows the regions of the world where the LCMS works and provides the name of the regional director.

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This is part of the Latin America list of needed resources. As the image shows, a number of resources have been identified with the quantity required and the amount fulfilled.

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Eurasia is looking to get LSB hymnals for the Old Latin School in Wittenberg.


Thanks CPH for working with the Office of International Mission on this. It is a great way to collaborate.


— Rev. Albert B. Collver, Ph.D, Director of Church Relations / Regional Operations