Enga Governor Ipatas

After traveling from the Enga Highlands to Mt. Hagen, then flying to Port Moresby on the coast, we had the opportunity to meet with the Governor Ipatas of the Enga Provence. He was in Port Moresby to meet with Parliament. The governor was pleased with the LCMS’ recent visit and asked us to consider sending more missionaries and teachers to Papua New Guinea.

Currently, Governor Ipatas is overseeing the construction of the Enga Teachers College. The governor was educated in LCMS mission schools and has been a strong proponent of education connected to the church ever sense.

It was a privilege and honor that the the governor took time to meet with us.

– posted 22 January 2013 by Rev. Dr. Albert Collver in Hong Kong.

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Wittenberg and PNG

When Bishop Nic and General Secretary Ezekiel Peter visited Saint Louis last fall, they heard about the Wittenberg Project. Upon returning to Papua New Guinea, Bishop Nic asked the GLC-PNG to raise money for the Wittenberg Project.

During the service on Saturday, 19 January 2013, where more than 2,000 people attended, the GLC-PNG collected an offering for the Wittenberg Project.

GLC-PNG Church Council Members counting the offering for Wittenberg.

On Sunday, 20 January 2013, we worshiped in a local congregation in Irelyia, where Rev. Dr. Willard Burce established a school for children and where Rev. Dr. David Birner once had been stationed, also collected an offering for the Wittenberg Project.

In total the GLC-PNG raised about $3000. This is incredible.

In the book of Acts, the Macedonians took up a collection for Jerusalem. Here something similar occurred when the GLC-PNG took a collection for the Wittenberg project.

– Rev. Dr. Albert B Collver in Mambisanda, Enga Provence, PNG.

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Installation of GLC-PNG Bishops

On Saturday, 19 January 2013, the GLC held an installation service for her head bishop, Nicodemus Aiyene, and the regional bishops. The procession consisted of more than 150 people with an estimated attendance of over 2,000 souls.

An Enga traditional choir sang during the service. The choral groups typically sing three songs to be Trinitarian. The chorus of two of the songs went something like this: “Thankful that LCMS came to Enga with Gospel;” and, “Jesus is the key to heaven. Salvation is only through Jesus.”

Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver preached on Mark 8:36-9:1, the text for the Confession of Saint Peter. Mr. Anton Lutz served as interpreter for the sermon into Tok Pisin, also known as Melanesian Pidgin English. Rev. Maniosa Yakasa interpreted the sermon into Enga.

After the sermon, Rev. John Nathan, seminary rector of Saint Timothy, installed the head and regional bishops. Drs. Collver and Mehl gave a blessing to the newly installed bishops.

After the installation, the service continued with Holy Communion, where a large number of the 2,000 plus were communed.

It was a very good day for the GLC. After the service, we celebrated with a pig roast.

– Rev. Dr. Albert Collver from Birip in the Enga Highlands.

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Lake Birip and Bishop Nick

Yesterday after the GLC National Pastors Conference, we walked up the mountain above St Timothy Seminary in Birip.

The St. Timothy Seminary was established in 1962 by Rev. Dr. Willard Bruce.

Some children followed us up the mountain to see Lake Birip.

Bishop Nick and Julie Lutz sit in a missionary house talking about the National Pastors conference by candle light. There was no electricity at the flat. Julie Lutz has served in PNG since 1986.

On Saturday, a large service with a pig roast is planned. Approximately 2000-3000 people are expected.

– Rev. Dr. Albert Collver

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Location:Birip, Enga Provence, PNG

GLC-PNG National Pastors Conference

On 18 January 2013, the Confession of St Peter, approximately 1,000 pastors, evangelists, and lay people attended the Good News Lutheran Church National Pastors’ Conference.

Rev. Drs. Albert Collver and John Mehl were welcomed by a crowd of several hundred who line the street at Wabag Lutheran Church.

The youth choir and mamas group sang songs of welcome.
One of the songs went something like this:

“Enga was in Darkness but the LCMS brought the Gospel to us in 1948. Things were getting dark again in Enga, but in 2013 The Lord sent the LCMS again to bring the Gospel once again to Enga. We do not deserve this grace. We are unworthy. We give thanks to The Lord.”

Dr. Collver presented to the pastors on the Book of 1st Corinthians.

Dr. John Mehl presented on the mission of God.

152 GLC pastors attended.

It was truly an incredible experience. Solo deo Gloria.

– Wabag, Enga Highlands, PNG, Rev. Dr. Albert Collver.

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Location:Wabag, Enga Provence, PNG