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Luther's Later Preaching

The most recent volume from the new series of Luther’s Works: American Edition from Concordia Publishing House just arrived on my doorstep. These words from editor Christopher Boyd Brown’s introduction give much to think about in terms of one’s own preaching, catechesis, as well as the church being in constant need of reformation.

A closer comparison of Luther’s later sermons with this of the first years of the Reformation reveals that his preaching has indeed been transformed by the pedagogical efforts of the previous decades. The sermons of the 1540s are now interwoven with echoes of the Small Catechism and the hymnal, linking the content of the sermon with what the hearers already know by heart or are learning. Certain old topics also receive new emphasis. Especially notable is Luther’s late preaching on Baptism–particularly on the Baptism of Christ in relation to the Baptism received by Christians.  [Luther’s Works, 58:xviii]

Now to read some of Luther’s sermons in this hefty volume . . .

Advent Open House in the President's Office

Folks at the International Center are stopping by this week for an Advent Open House in the President’s Office. A party game/quiz has kept things pretty lively!