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Restructuring Update

Earlier this year the details of our restructuring were announced. New Mission Boards were created; the CMO role was added and the two major program areas were more tightly linked. Changes were made in how Communications and Fund Development are organized. Positions were added, moved to a new department or eliminated. We are now calling this part of the restructuring Phase 1.

July 1st we started work on what we are now calling Phase 2. In this phase we will work on finalizing roles and responsibilities and their related position descriptions. We’ll create new processes where they need to be created and we’ll make new connections between departments if the old connections have been broken. Some policies will likely have to be rewritten and procedures will have to be revised. All of this work is included in Phase 2.

We have established a Phase 2 Restructuring Work Group which is made up of 13 Synod, Inc. staff members. The members of this group are:

1. Myroen Koehn (IT)

2. Dave Fielder (General Services)

3. Kama Bernabo (Office of International Mission)

4. Dave Birner (Office of International Mission)

5. Dennis Fangmann (Office of International Mission)

6. Bart Day (Office of National Mission)

7. David Strand (Communications)

8. Vicki Biggs (Communicationas)

9. John Fale (Office of International Mission)

10. Val Rhoden-Kimbrough (HR)

11. Charlie Rhodes (Accounting)

12. Barb Below (Office of the President)

13. Rachel Asburry (Office of the President)

14. Jeff Craig-Meyer (Fund Development)

15. Bob Gleason (Consultant)

This group will be asked to:

  • Assess impacts of restructuring
  • Optimize the organization, process improvement or creation
  • Improve integration across functional areas
  • Establish baseline measure for “effectiveness” and “efficiency”
  • Articulate how employees can be successful in new structure

This organizational change process will include communication updates, engagement of stakeholders, and celebrating accomplishment along the way. Hopefully, this work will respect the past and history of how our Synod has done its work but also look toward the future and how we will transform the national office. These are exciting times and lots of positive energy exists in the building about the movement, activity and progress being made in restructuring.

More updates to follow as we move forward.