Front Row: Pastor Andreas Masvie Sr, Bishop Torkild Masvie, Pastor Alf Donbolt
Back Row: Pastor Olav Berg Lyngmo, Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Pastor Hanss Jensons

17 January 2016

In a church service held in Oslo, Torkild Masvie was installed as the provisional bishop of The Lutheran Church of Norway.


The Norwegian installation service involved lay people from the church counsel reading Scripture verses.


Provisional Bishop Masvie presides over Holy Communion and concludes the service with the benediction.


Marie Lyngmo, Pastor Olav Berg Lyngmo, Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver

Pastor Olav Berg Lyngmo serves a congregation in the Norwegian Lapland. He was defrocked by the King of Norway for his rejection of women’s ordination and the blessing of same-sex marriage.


Dr. Bruce Kintz participated in the convention of The Lutheran Church of Norway. The Lutheran Church of Norway’s constitution grants the LCMS one clergy and one lay delegate. This privilege also is extended to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia.

It has been a wonderful time in Norway visiting with The Lutheran Church of Norway, who is a new LCMS partner and a recently added member into the International Lutheran Council.

— Rev. Albert B. Collver, Ph.D.