Alexandre Vieira, Pastor Luke Brown, Dr. Albert Collver
At St. John’s Lutheran, Alliceville, Kansas

13 September 2015

A couple of months ago, Pastor Luke Brown of St. John’s Lutheran in Aliceville, Kansas (about 340 miles from St. Louis) contacted the International Center to see if his church could have a mission festival featuring the Global Seminary Initiative (GSI). He also ideally wanted to have a student attend who was benefiting from GSI.


Once at St. John’s, I asked Pastor Brown why he wanted to have a presentation on the Global Seminary Initiative (GSI). Pastor Brown replied, “I went to the Synod Convention in 2013 and I saw the GSI video and heard how our Synod was helping to train future church leaders. I thought this would be something my congregation would want to know about.”


Alexandre Vieira, a Concordia Seminary St Louis Ph.D. student from Brazil, leading Bible class and presenting on the IELB (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil). Dr. Collver preached on Luke 24:48, “You are witnesses of these things.”


St. John’s Lutheran showed hospitality after the service with a potluck.


The Lutheran world is small. In Aliceville, Kansas, I met the grandmother of Rev. Michael Meyer, who works at disaster response at the International Center. I also met the parents of my seminary classmate, Rev. John Rhodes.


Thank you Pastor Luke Brown and the members of St. John’s Lutheran in Aliceville, Kansas for inviting us, for your interest in the Global Seminary Initiative, and for your hospitality. Also thanks to Alexandre Vieira for agreeing to leave St. Louis for a long drive and for his Bible study.

— Rev. Albert B. Collver, Ph.D.