14 April 2015

Today, the LCMS group — Dr. Albert Collver, Director of Church Relations / Regional Operations; Rev. Juan Gonzalez, Board for International Mission member; Rev. Mark Rabe, Missionary to East Africa / professor at MYS; Rev. Shauen Trump, Area Director for East Africa — along with people from the EECMY left Addis Ababa for Fiche to see a EECMY mission start and its context with a nearby orthodox monastery.


Pictured (left to right): Rev. Mark Rabe, professor to MYS; Rev. Shauen Trump, Area Director of East Africa; Rev. Juan Gonzalez, Member of the Board for International Mission; in car from Addis Ababa to Fiche.


A road we traveled down near Fiche. At times the road became impassable for the Land Rover and we were forced to walk to our next destination. In this case, a mission start for the EECMY.


IMG_9555 2 SMA dog decided to play with some children in the middle of the road.

DSC_0025Visiting the site where the EECMY-CES is building a new congregation. Qes Abraham, President of the Central Ethiopian Synoc, explains that the new congregation will be done in the style of the “Mother Congregation” in Addis Ababa built in 1920. Today the congregation worships about 400 people on a Sunday.

IMG_9542 SM


After seeing the EECMY congregation, we visited the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church monastery called  “Debre Libanos.” This monastery was founded by the 13th century saint Tekle Haykmanot. He remains the only native Ethiopian saint popular both domestically as well as outside Ethiopia; he is the only Ethiopian saint celebrated officially in foreign churches such as Rome and Egypt.


Before we could enter, we were asked to observe the rules listed above before entering the church.


The current structure was built in 1961 under the orders of Emperor Halie Selassie. In 1937 the Italians massacred the inhabitants of Debre Libanos killing 297 monks and 23 laymen.

IMG_9528 sm

The inside of Debre Libanos has many stained glass windows.


A stained glass window inside Debre Libanos of Adam and Eve at the top and Noah at the bottom.

IMG_9453 SM

After visiting Debre Libanos, we went to the Portuguese Bridge built in the 16th century.

IMG_9476 SM

The Portuguese Bridge is near the Blue Nile Water Fall. We visited during the dry season. It covers the Jemma River Gorge.

IMG_9471 SM

Pictured: Rev. Mark Rabe, Theological Education at MYS; Rev. Shauen Trump, East Africa Area Director; Beza Tefera, Dean’s Office at MYS. Walking across the bridge for a view of the Ethiopian Rift Valley.

IMG_9491 SM

Dr. Collver sitting on the edge of the Ethiopian Rift Valley.

After the journey north, we headed back to Addis Ababa for the EECMY pastors’ conference which begins on Wednesday, 15 April 2015. That evening we picked up Rev. Eric Stinnett, who will serve as a theological educator at MYS along with Rev. Mark Rabe.

IMG_9597 sm

Pictured (left to right): Dr. Collver, Director of Church Relations / Regional Operations; Dr. Belay Olam, President of MYS; Rev. Juan Gonzalez, BIM member; Rev. Shauen Trump, East Africa Area Director; Rev. Eric Stinnett, Instructor MYS.