The April 2015 issue of the Journal of Lutheran Mission is a special edition published outside of the regularly scheduled editions. The April 2015 edition features an introduction by President Harrison and a classic piece of Lutheran missiology titled, “The Lutheran Church Plants Lutheran Mission,” by Friedrich Wilhelm Hopf translated by Deaconess Rachel Mumme and Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison.


Hopf presents three basic missiological sentences:

1. The Lutheran Church can only do Lutheran mission.

2. Lutheran mission can only be done by the Lutheran church.

3. Lutheran mission must lead to a Lutheran church.

The essay presents the idea that seems self-evident but isn’t always present in practice that the goal of Lutheran mission is to lead to Lutheran churches. Although a variety of mission strategies can be used to reach people, some of which might have intermediate goals such as human care, English as a second language, education, as long as the ultimate goal is to plant a Lutheran church, or to strengthen an existing Lutheran church (in the case of a partner church).

This piece is a thoughtful piece worth the read.

You can see the article below or download it from the following link: