A Lutheran Primer for Preaching

“Dr. Grimenstein’s A Lutheran Primer for Preaching is the first confessional Lutheran framework on preaching produced in more than a generation.  Not since Richard Caemmerer has a Missouri Synod homiletician offered a theological and practical approach to Law and Gospel preaching that is both textual and Christological.  Grimenstein covers the theological foundation of preaching and then offers a practical 5-page method for developing a sermon that brings out the Word of God for the Lord’s people in a meaningful way.  The book originally was conceived as a primer for preaching to be used on the mission field, but its value expands beyond the mission field as a helpful tool for seminarians, new pastors, and experienced pastors who would like to hone their preaching skills.”

– Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, LCMS Director of Church Relations / Regional Operations and Assistant to the President

The book is available now from Amazon for Kindle by clicking here.