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Visit with Jesus Is Lord Mission (JILM)


23 April 2015

Today, we met with the steering committee of Jesus is Lord Mission (JILM) at Zion Lutheran Church in Walburg, Texas. Jesus is Lord Mission (JILM) was founded by Rev. Dr. Glenn O’Shoney in 2002. JILM was designed to be a mission society that did not have a narrow focus or was limited to a single country or region of the world. JILM has a goal to “rekindle in the leaders of the church a passion for Christ’s mission.”

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Jesus Is Lord Mission (JILM) partners exclusively with the LCMS World Mission / Office of International Mission to expand the proclamation of the Gospel. JILM only funds projects evaluated by OIM. OIM suggests projects to JILM. JILM selects which projects they would like to support. To date, JILM has given $2.3 million to the Synod to support LCMS mission projects. Many former missionaries participate with JILM. This is truly a great partnership.

IMG_9810Please take a look at the Jesus is Lord Mission (JILM) website. We look forward to our ongoing partnership with JILM.


We met at Zion Lutheran Church in Walburg, Texas. It was founded in 1882.