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This morning, President Matthew C. Harrison and the Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, director of Regional Operations for the Office of International Mission, sent the following letter to all LCMS missionaries. We offer it here in the hope that you will keep the Strohschein family as well as all of the missionaries and Office of International Mission staff who worked alongside Ed in your prayers. More details will follow in an upcoming Reporter Online story.

Dear ones,

In times like these, we, the Church, feel the miles between us profoundly. We wish we could be with you now, in the same room or at the same table, to share with you the news that the Lord has, in His infinite wisdom, seen fit to draw Ed Strohschein, business manager for the LCMS Asia Pacific region, to Himself following a marked battle with cancer.

We grieve with Ed’s wife, Shauna, and his son, John. We pray for both of them and for all his family. And we hurt with you, feeling the loss of our brother in Christ whose love of church and of God’s people was always evident.

Ed has finished his course in the faith, and a robust course it was! Ed was the son of missionaries who was born in the Philippines, went to school in the United States and returned to Asia in 1999 to serve his Lord and his church, anxious to share with those around him the good news of Christ’s grace and forgiveness. Using his keen business sense, Ed kept tabs on all things administrative and financial in that region, even assisting in the expansion of LCMS mission presence throughout the region.

And so we mourn, knowing that Ed now rests from his labors (and they were many!) and especially from a difficult past few months, even as we take joy in the promises of Christ: that we will receive Ed back on the final day and that we will spend eternity with him.

Know that each of you missionaries and your families are in our daily prayers too. The loss of a friend, a coworker, a fellow brother in Christ is trying and thorny. We will continue to check in with you, to pray for you, to ask our Lord to give you courage and faith to meet the days ahead. But we also encourage you to be in touch with us—if you would find it helpful—so that we can pray for your specific needs and can care for you as you seek to live in the joyful expectation of eternal life with Ed and with all who have departed the faith. Please remember that Ellie Corrow, missionary care coordinator, is eager to assist you in any way she can as well.

In times like these, we, the Church, feel the miles between us profoundly. We wish we could be with you now, in the same room or at the same table, to remember Ed, to comfort one another in our grief, to share in the consolation of Christ’s love and His promises. But we also know that in Christ and regardless of miles, we are already knit together into His family, His church, and that because He lives, Ed lives too.


Pastor Matt Harrison, president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod

Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, director of Regional Operation, Office of International Mission

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Dr. Quill Recovery Update

Dr. Quill Recovery Update

For Immediate Release

April 23, 2014

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (CTS)—In this season as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, it is with thanksgiving to the God of all mercy and comfort that we are able to announce that the Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill has been discharged from the hospital. His road to recovery will continue in Adelaide, Australia. While a date has yet to be set for Dr. Quill’s return to the United States, we pray for his continued recovery and look forward to his homecoming.

Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, and The Office of International Mission of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod continue to give thanks for the marvelous care, both physical and spiritual, that the Quill family is receiving. We further encourage all to keep the Quill’s and those providing care for them in your prayers.

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Timothy Quill Update Week 2

Adelaide, Australia, April 11, 2014

The Rev. Dr. Timothy Quill, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Missions at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (CTS) and Director of Theological Education for The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s (LCMS) Office of International Mission (OIM), remains in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia, where he underwent surgery for a brain aneurism on April 3.

Quill’s condition has improved over the past several days. He has been released from the Intensive Care Unit and is now being cared for in the Neurology Ward. While he remains in serious condition, his condition is slowly improving.

Although the physicians have yet to provide a prognosis regarding Quill’s ultimate recovery, they have indicated that he is in the category of a more positive outcome for people who have suffered such an aneurysm. While physical therapy has begun, it is likely that Dr. Quill will remain in Australia for some time in preparation for his return to the United States.

Annette and Kati, Quill’s wife and daughter, are in Adelaide, lending invaluable emotional support. OIM staff and pastors from the Lutheran Church of Australia will remain with the Quill’s throughout the recovery period to provide spiritual and logistical support. The CTS community is also actively engaged in supporting and caring for the Quill family during this challenging time.

Updates on Dr. Quill’s recovery will be provided as information becomes available. Please keep Tim, his family, and his medical and pastoral care teams in your prayers.

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