In the Office of the President we are presently engaged in a series of visits to all of our 35 districts of the Synod. This is part of the work of visitation our Synod as a whole seeks to strengthen throughout our life together – see 2013 Synod Resolution 7-01A.

Visitation of the districts consists of several elements. The district visitation team (consisting of the President of the Synod or the First Vice President, plus the appropriate regional Vice President) meets with the district board of directors to hear what the Lord is doing in that district and to communicate how God is at work through our joint efforts in the national Synod. We talk about what we can do to support one another in the work God has given us. We also spend time with the district president to encourage him (from the Word of God) in his difficult work of visitation and ecclesiastical supervision. Depending on local circumstances in each district, we spend time with the district staff and/or circuit counselors/visitors and in some cases have conducted an open forum for anyone interested.

In all cases, our main purpose is to listen, to encourage from the Word of God, and to listen even more. We seek to foster evangelical visitation throughout our life together as a Synod, in the spirit of the apostles who said,

“Let us return and visit the brothers in every city where we proclaimed the word of the Lord, and see how they are” (Acts 15:36).

As our Lord animates our witness and mercy, so visitation is part of our life together.

This visitation is not in the way of the law as though our primary purpose is to come and check on you to see where you are wrong. Instead, visitation is in the way of the Gospel, through which we strengthen one another in the Word of God, as Paul sought to do with the Church in Rome,

“I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you – that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine” (Romans 1:11-12).

It is in the way of Christ Himself, in whom God was visiting and redeeming His people (Luke 1:68; 7:16).

Christ is our life. We visit one another to share in that life together He gives in His Word. We visit one another to encourage one another in witness and mercy so that more will receive life in Jesus. We recognize much visitation already takes place, in districts and congregations, but we pray that it may grow and increase. As of this writing 3 districts have been visited. That means we have 32 more to visit this year and next!  Pray for us. Pray for your district president. Pray for your pastors in their work of visitation with the Word of God.

Yours in the peace of Christ,

+ Herbert Mueller
First Vice President