The Diaconate of the Ancient & Modern Church

Yesterday, I received my copy of a new book from Concordia Publishing House, The Diaconate of the Ancient & Medieval Church by Caspar Ziegler. The book was translated by Richard Dinda with a Forward by Matthew C. Harrison. The editors were Charles P. Schaum and Albert B. Collver. The book provides a detailed history of deacons and deaconesses in the Church. It is an invaluable read if you are interested in this topic.

From the book jacket:

Caspar Ziegler details how Christians have shown mercy to a lost and dying world from apostolic times to the Reformation.

Ziegler’s detailed study engages at least 500 primary sources to illustrate expertly the life of the Church as recorded and discussed by interpreters of canon law. That explains the underlying tradition of the Lutheran Confessions and helps answer the question, “Why do we do that?” Indeed, by showing differences between Western and Eastern traditions, Ziegler points out medieval problems that helped lead to the Reformation. He appeases the Lutheran tradition in light of the greater Western context, resulting in a greater appreciation of both.

Order the Book at CPH here: The Diaconate of the Ancient & Medieval Church CPH Order

Download the Book to your Kindle here: The Diaconate of the Ancient & Modern Church Kindle Edition

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