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Global Seminary Initiative

The Global Seminary Initiative (GSI) is a program that provides Lutheran theological education in three primary ways:

1) Bringing the best students worldwide to LCMS seminaries to study at the graduate level so that they can return to their home countries and provide advanced theological leadership.

2) Support for local regional seminaries — both infra-structure and scholarships for students to attend regional seminaries.

3) Continuing education — seminars, conferences, and visits by qualified LCMS pastors and professors to teach in the local context.

The world has changed from the time of sending out missionaries to places where people had never heard the Gospel. In most parts of world today, we have partner churches who firmly believe that one of the best qualities of the LCMS is our theological education. It is our niche, one of our core competencies, and we are well-positioned to make the most of it by assisting these partner churches.

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WELS Resolution Regarding Missouri Synod

Today in Convention, the Wisconsin Synod unanimously passed the following resolution regarding the Missouri Synod:

Resolution No. 02 from Floor Committee 05: Inter-Church Relations. The resolution reads as follows:

WHEREAS 1) When the WELS suspended fellowship with the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) in 1961, the synod convention resolved, in part, to continue discussions to heal the breach that had occurred; and

WHEREAS 2) the Lord opened doors to informal discussions with the LCMS in December 2012; and

WHEREAS 3) even if the restoration of fellowship is not possible in the near future, we believe it is our responsibility to each other and to our Lord to strive for true unity based on full agreement in doctrine and practice; and

WHEREAS 4) a second meeting is planned for December 2013; therefore be it

Resolved, a) that we encourage our leadership in conjunction with the CICR to continue discussions with the LCMS to strive for true unity based on full agreement in doctrine and practice; and be it finally

Resolved, b) that we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and bless these efforts to God’s glory and for the benefit of his church.

– Posted 31 August 2013 by Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Director of Church Relations

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