The Organ Hall in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia, is a former Roman Catholic Church. The communist took over the church and turned it into an organ concert hall.

The sign reads: “The Russian Federation Monument of Architecture, Roman Catholic Church, Architect V.A. Sokolovski, under the protection of the State.”

Inside the Organ Hall, there is a crucifix. Although the Organ Hall is owned by the State, today the local Roman Catholic Church is allowed to worship here.

The churchy stained glass windows were replaced with Soviet style images extolling music.

Next to the Organ Hall / Roman Catholic Church is the former rectory. Today it is “Music School No. 5” located on Decemberists Street, named after the revolutionaries in the 19th century who attempted to overthrow the Czar.

A floor garden sits in front of the former church and former rectory. The church is built on the Rock of Christ, even when steeples are falling.

The city Krasnoyarsk is East of Tomsk and North East of Novosibirsk.

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Location:улица Дубровинского,Krasnoyarsk,Russia