Rev. Dr. Albert Collver presented the Jill and Glen Oster a plaque of thanks from The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod for their support of LCMS missionary efforts in Papua New Guinea (through caring for the Mission Children of LCMS PNG missionaries).

Luther Frau Cotta

Dr. Collver noted that the Lutheran church has a long history of families hosting school children, beginning perhaps with Martin Luther being hosted by the Cotta family when he was a school boy (pictured above). Dr. Collver said, “It is a wonderful service to the Lord to host the children of missionaries in your home. Thank you and May Christ richly bless you.”

The Osters are spending almost 6 weeks traveling the US to visit as many of the 33 missionary kids and missionary alumni parents as they can. So far they have been to Hawaii, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, and from there they move on to Ohio, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Texas, flying out of Dallas back to Adelaide.

The Osters were touched to be publicly thanked — and didn’t know about the recognition planned at the LCMS International Center.
Just a few things Glen said, “about 50 years ago, there was an announcement in their church to host American children. And Jill said, ‘I like the American accent.’ … we decided to help. Initially we hosted 3 boys and 2 girls, never knowing that eventually we’d host 33!”

Jill and Glenn Oster were a young newlywed couple when they volunteered to provide a home away from home for the first group of LCMS missionary children who attended Concordia College (a boarding school High School) in Adelaide, Australia. Between, 1963-1979 they hosted and took care of a total of 33 high school students, all children of LCMS missionaries in Papua New Guinea. The LCMS missionaries were able to focus on their mission work knowing that their children were in the God-guided hands of the Osters who treated the missionary children as their own.

Oster_Australia-MK-PNG_Pic 1_30Apr13

Jill and Glen Oster and Carrie (Burce) and Myron Koehn, executive director of LCMS Information Technologies. (Carrie is a missionary kid of the first LCMS missionaries —the Burces — to PNG and one of the last children hosted by the Osters)

Myron Koehn introduced the Osters in chapel:

“Joining us today are Glen and Jill Oster from Adelaide South Australia. Between the years of 1963 and 1979 this amazing couple voluntarily hosted a total of 33 LCMS New Guinea missionary kids (MK’s) whose parents sent them to high school at the Concordia boarding school in Adelaide. The Osters are now making their way across the country visiting as many of those 33 missionary kids as possible before returning to Adelaide in a few weeks. On a personal note, Glen and Jill, I want to express my thanks to you for taking such good care of my wife, Carrie, who was among the last of the 33 MK’s you hosted. Rev. Dr. Al Collver is here today representing The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and I understand that he has something for you…”

Glen is now retired from his carpentry career. Both Glen and Jill were quite active in their Lutheran congregation and at Concordia College (High School) in Adelaide — often volunteering wherever and whenever help was needed. Glen and Jill are members of the Lutheran Church of Australia with whom the LCMS enjoyed a very strong Papua New Guinea ministry partnership dating back to the 1940s. Praise be to God for all He accomplished through that ministry partnership and His servants, the Osters.

— Posted by Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, LCMS Director of Church Relations on 30 April 2013.