Hymnal Workshops in Kenya

By Dr. Timothy Quill

Following the dedication on the new hymnals, Rev. Randy Golter (Executive Director of the Office of International Mission, Dr. Timothy Quill (Director of Theological Education), Deaconess/Church Musician Sandra Rhein traveled to the Matongo in Western Kenya to visit the ELCK’s seminary. The trip included an introductory hymnbook workshop on the conduct and music of the liturgy and hymnody for the seminarians, local pastors and church musicians. The workshop was led by Rev. Tom Omolo (Chairman of the new Hymnbook Commission), Rev. Isaiah Obare (Commission member) and Deaconess Rhein. The team then made the day long drive north into the mountainous Pokot region to conduct the workshop for local pastors and musicians. The workshop took place on the campus of Kapenguria Bible Center which trains evangelists, deaconesses and serves as a “prep school” for the Seminary in Matongo. With the recent accreditation of the Matongo Seminary, it is now able to grant qualified graduates a BTh degree. The ELCK is studying the possibility of expanding the Kapenguria program to include pastoral training. Rev. Obare and Deaconess Rhein then conducted workshops in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Rev. Tom Omolo & Deaconess Rhein conducting new hymnal workshop

Rugged beauty of the Kapenguria Region

Rev. Isaiah Obare teaching in Kapenguria

Kapenguria Bible Center

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