On 6 February 2013, the EECMY shared its 5-Year Strategic Plan with its mission partners. (The LCMS was invited by the EECMY to attend the Mission Partner Meeting as a guest and observer.)

Currently, the EECMY has approximately 8,000 congregations. Only 2,000 have ordained pastors. The other 6,000 congregations are served by evangelists. The EECMY has a five year goal of having an ordained pastor in every congregation.

Here are the bullet points of the EECMY’s strategic plan:

– Share the Gospel with 30 million unreached people. (Although this sounds like a huge ambitious goal, the EECMY has 6 million members. The church figures if every member shares the gospel with one other person once a year for five years they will obtain this goal.)

– Train, equip, and deploy 10,000 missionaries.

– Train 100,000 responsible and faithful Christian witness (lay Bible training)

– Train, educate, and ordain 12,000 pastors so that each congregation has one pastor.

– Train 9,400 evangelists

– Increase the capacity of the 4 regional seminaries and 40 Bible schools.

– Upgrade the Central Seminary in Addis Ababa to PhD level so that it can be a hub for faculty development at the other seminaries and Bible schools.

Although this is an ambitious task, the primary goals and needs of the EECMY is in the area of theological education … This is an area that the Missouri Synod has both strength and experience. This is why the EECMY has requested assistance in the area of theological education.

Dr. William Schumacher of Concordia Seminary in Saint Louis was a guest lecturer at the Mekane Yesus Central Seminary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia this past week. Next week Dr. Detlev Schultz from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne will be lecturing next week. Dr. Cynthia Lumley will be coming to speak about deaconesses in March.

President Idosa and Dr. Collver.

50 Year Celebration of the Central Seminary.

The Dove of Peace at the Central Seminary.

– Rev Dr Albert Collver, Director of Church Relations, 7 Feb 2013

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Location:Addis Ababa,Ethiopia