January 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the legalization of abortion in America. It is easy to lose hope, to wonder if the Lord has heard our prayers to end the deaths of 3,200 unborn infants in America each day, to despair that He doesn’t even care. But in the January Lutheran Witness, you’ll find that He does, that He always has and that His will for each child, each mother, each father is good and perfect and right.

The Rev. Jason Braaten’s “3 Ways to Talk About Life” provides LCMS youth with conversation starters to talk to their friends about life. The Rev. Dr. Robert W. Weise explains whether or not embryos in petri dishes are really human in “Shaped by God,” and the Rev. Dr. Peter Scaer encourages Christians to boldly defend life in “A Better Way.”

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In “Bios and Biology,” the Rev. Dr. Gilbert Meilaender explains bioethics and why the faithful ought to care about them, and the Rev. Dr. Kevin E. Voss’ “Wonder and Elegance” outlines examples of God’s marvelous design in the creation of the human body.

“God Is Not Done with You,” by the Rev. David Petersen, offers Christ’s comfort and hope to families who have lost children because of a miscarriage, and “Hope for Rachel,” by the Rev. Dr. James Lamb, outlines what the Church has to offer those women who are suffering the physical and emotional trauma effects of an abortion.

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