On Saturday, 19 January 2013, the GLC held an installation service for her head bishop, Nicodemus Aiyene, and the regional bishops. The procession consisted of more than 150 people with an estimated attendance of over 2,000 souls.

An Enga traditional choir sang during the service. The choral groups typically sing three songs to be Trinitarian. The chorus of two of the songs went something like this: “Thankful that LCMS came to Enga with Gospel;” and, “Jesus is the key to heaven. Salvation is only through Jesus.”

Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver preached on Mark 8:36-9:1, the text for the Confession of Saint Peter. Mr. Anton Lutz served as interpreter for the sermon into Tok Pisin, also known as Melanesian Pidgin English. Rev. Maniosa Yakasa interpreted the sermon into Enga.

After the sermon, Rev. John Nathan, seminary rector of Saint Timothy, installed the head and regional bishops. Drs. Collver and Mehl gave a blessing to the newly installed bishops.

After the installation, the service continued with Holy Communion, where a large number of the 2,000 plus were communed.

It was a very good day for the GLC. After the service, we celebrated with a pig roast.

– Rev. Dr. Albert Collver from Birip in the Enga Highlands.

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