On 18 January 2013, the Confession of St Peter, approximately 1,000 pastors, evangelists, and lay people attended the Good News Lutheran Church National Pastors’ Conference.

Rev. Drs. Albert Collver and John Mehl were welcomed by a crowd of several hundred who line the street at Wabag Lutheran Church.

The youth choir and mamas group sang songs of welcome.
One of the songs went something like this:

“Enga was in Darkness but the LCMS brought the Gospel to us in 1948. Things were getting dark again in Enga, but in 2013 The Lord sent the LCMS again to bring the Gospel once again to Enga. We do not deserve this grace. We are unworthy. We give thanks to The Lord.”

Dr. Collver presented to the pastors on the Book of 1st Corinthians.

Dr. John Mehl presented on the mission of God.

152 GLC pastors attended.

It was truly an incredible experience. Solo deo Gloria.

– Wabag, Enga Highlands, PNG, Rev. Dr. Albert Collver.

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Location:Wabag, Enga Provence, PNG