LCMS church leaders Dr. Albert B. Collver III and the Rev. John Mehl today continue their visit through Papua New Guinea. Church leaders who came to meet them at Port Moresby were Col Paul Mai, Sir Pato Karkarya, Reto Rasak, Roma Yangomina, Captain Andoi Kolalyo, Andrew Yamanea, Pastor Ponak Adam, Patrick Minato, and Ezekiel Peter.


Members of the Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea served as a greeting party for their LCMS visitors, who were presented with a bilum, a traditional string bag made in Papua New Guinea.
mapDr. Collver’s map indicates where he and Rev. Mehl will visit as well as different regions of the Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea.


They also drove past the only mosque in Port Moresby.collver1

A local paper picked up the story of the LCMS’ visit, discussing the Synod’s missionary presence both in Papua New Guinea and around the world.