Rev. Dr. Samuel Meschack, India Evangelical Lutheran Church

This morning, on the 495th anniversary of the Reformation, 120 Lutheran leaders from around the world converged on Peachtree City, Ga., to discuss the relevance of the Lutheran church in the 21st century.
Church leaders representing 20 million Lutherans around the globe began the conference and celebrated the Festival of the Reformation by praying Matins. Dr. Lawrence Rast, president of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Ind., served as preacher.


Rev. Dr. Armin Wenz, Independent Evangelical-Lutheran Church, Germany

The group will meet until Friday, Nov. 2, to discuss worldwide Lutheranism under the umbrella of Witness, Mercy, Life Together. While the effects of Hurricane Sandy prevented a handful of guests from participating in the discussion, leaders and representatives are in attendance from the following countries:
Liberia, Guatamela, Canada, Argentina, the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, England, Nigeria, Ghana, Venezuela, Paraguay, Tanzania, Finland, Ghana, Portugal  Uruguay, Hong Kong, Haiti, South Africa, Korea, Kenya, Russia, Lithuania, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Latvia, Madagascar, Chile, Brazil, Lithuania, India, Germany, Chile, Indonesia, Siberia, Belgium, Latvia, France, China, and Taiwan.

Massman Studios, Tyrone, Ga., have provided the vestments and crucifix for the conference’s worship.