With many district conventions meeting this month, we are close to reaching the first milestone in preparation for the 2013 convention. This is already quite an achievement, given the activity required by changes adopted by the 2010 Synod convention. I take this blog moment to thank at least some of the people most responsible for successfully reaching this milestone.

A word of general thanks…

  • …to the Synod’s 6,000+ congregations, all of whom were required to meet to select representatives to their circuit forums, to nominate candidates to serve as circuit counselors, to consider mission and ministry emphases for the Synod for the next triennium, and to elect delegates to their district conventions;
  • …to the Synod’s 600+ circuit counselors, each having to arrange circuit forums to select circuit counselors for the new triennium, to help their circuits identify mission and ministry emphases to propose to their districts for the Synod’s next triennium,, and to assist their circuits in contemplating other business to send to district and Synod conventions; and
  • …to the Synod’s 35 district presidents, whose extra-ordinary efforts to keep their congregations and circuits aware of the many significant changes in bylaw expectations adopted by the 2010 Synod convention played a key role in reaching this first milestone.

A word of more specific thanks…

  • …to the administrative assistants of our 35 district presidents for their tireless efforts to bring district rosters up to date with increased Synod expectations, thereby to foster uniform delegate representation at all 35 district conventions, critical for the election of the President of the Synod four weeks prior to the 2013 Synod convention;
  • …to these same administrative assistants plus district secretaries and registration officials for their cooperation in developing district convention registration procedures to incorporate additional expectations associated with developing an accurate voters’ list for the 2013 presidential election; and
  • …to the Council of Presidents for willingly undertaking the sometimes difficult and unpopular task of consistently applying new standards for voting representation that have directly affected multiple-congregation parishes and congregations served by retired pastors.

And a word of personal thanks…

  • …to my office staff for their tireless labors to provide order to the huge task of providing the 35 districts with timely information and materials required to develop the 2013 presidential election voters’ list, this in addition to the host of other ongoing responsibilities associated with the Secretary’s Office;
  • …to the Rosters and Statistics Department for developing a reliable process to obtain and maintain a credible and dependable presidential elections voters’ list, again in addition to their considerable other responsibilities for maintaining the official lists of the Synod; and
  • …to the design, copy center, and mailroom staff of the International Center for their timely assistance in publishing and mailing the postcards that have and will continue to alert congregations to essential changes adopted by the 2013 Synod convention.

Finally, thanks in advance to all of the above…

…for we have only just begun. Still to come, along with the usual Synod convention preparations, will be significant changes to the nominations and elections processes, as well as the preparations required to carry out the presidential voting process. These will require continued attention and cooperation as we make our way down the pre-2013-convention path, one milestone at a time.

Ray Hartwig, Secretary of the Synod