Several months ago we began work with a consultant, Bob Gleason, on the restructuring of the national office. This week we are celebrating the restructuring work accomplished through the help and leadership Bob has provided. Since Bob has “set the table for us” and trained us well, we will now continue restructuring work without him. Bob has become a friend to the International Center and we will miss his smile, calm demeanor, and sense of humor. Bob has worked with staff throughout the International Center and has:

  • Assisted with the development the new structure
  • Helped bring clarity to positions and roles
  • Facilitated the National Mission Conference and other large team meetings
  • Guided us in the development of new work flow processes
  • Assisted with communications about restructuring
  • Invented the Change Network (CNet) to facilitate change in the organization
  • Spurred conversations, asked tough questions, made us think
  • Provided great counsel and guidance

While Bob’s restructuring work with us is coming to a close this week, there is still much restructuring work that we will continue to do. Through the leadership of the President Harrison, Rev. Greg Williamson (CMO), service and program executives and staff, we will continue to refine and improve processes, continue to integrate strategically across departments, develop long range planning, and develop an organizational culture that supports the accomplishments of our goals.

If your organization (district, congregation, team, business) wants to:

  • assess your organization (what works, what doesn’t work)
  • develop processes to improve your outcomes
  • enhance the culture in your organization
  • consolidate and optimize your operation
  • develop vision and strategic plans
  • consider stakeholder analysis
  • and much, much more

I highly recommend contacting Bob Gleason. His background in organizational development and change makes him a great asset to the Synod. All of us here at the International Center are grateful for his help over the last 10 months. I am confident that he can help your organization, congregation or district accomplish the goals you want to achieve. You can contact Bob directly at

Thanks Bob!,

-Barb Below