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Aftermath of the Indiana tornado: Community ‘can’t be destroyed’

LCMS Disaster Response Director Rev. Glenn F. Merritt and a team from the LCMS met with the Indiana District disaster team Sunday to identify opportunities to provide mercy to those affected by last week’s tornado that devastated Henryville, Ind. Here are a few words from Merritt after meeting with people in Henryville and assessing the damage there:

“As we walked through the debris speaking with residents and rescue workers, I was struck by the number of people who were truly thankful for what they had and not regretting what they had lost. Many residents spoke of the loss of the schools, which are the fabric of life in rural towns across our nation.  However, they were quick to add that the schools are buildings that can be rebuilt; the community is something that can’t be destroyed. What an amazing testimony to the resilience of people whose lives center around community—churches, schools, businesses and neighbors.”

You can read more about the LCMS’ disaster response effort, see video and photo albums, and learn how to help by visiting the Mercy Forever blog at

Missionary Ted Krey Speaks "Thy Kingdom Come" at LCEF Conference

Ted Krey from Lutheran Church Extension Fund on Vimeo.

Missionary Ted Krey, LCMS Regional Director for Latin America stationed in the Dominican Republic, speaks on “Thy Kingdom Come” at the Fall 2011 LCEF Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the President’s Prayer Breakfast.

Special thanks to LCEF for making this video available.