Shown here are those present for the colloquy interview of Freeman Li at the CNH District Office January 30th, from left toright: Pastor David Wilson, Mission Pastor, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Fremont, CA (Freeman Li’s mentor); Colloquy Committee Chairman, First Vice President Herbert Mueller; Freeman Li; Rev. John Whaley, Assistant to the President, CNH District; Pastor Shiu Ming Lau, Pastor of Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, San Francisco, CA, interpreter.

One of the things I “get to” do as First Vice President is to work with the Colloquy Committee as its chairman.  In that capacity, sometimes we bring the Chairman of the Colloquy Committee for the Pastoral Ministry to the person who has finished a course of study, especially if interpreters are needed.  By way of example, we recently held an interview for Wenbin (“Freeman”) Li, a colloquy applicant from China living in the San Francisco area.  Freeman Li is working with an LCMS pastor and congregation in the Bay Area and was ready for his interview.  Once the process is completely finished, he will be called, God willing, into a Chinese ministry in the same area.  The questions were asked in English, explained in Mandarin, answered in Mandarin and then interpreted back into English for the members of the interview committee who don’t know Mandarin.  For the convenience of everyone else, the interview was held at the offices of the California/Nevada/Hawaii District in Livermore, California. 
On this same trip to California, we also interviewed five colloquy applicants who have been prepared for the process in the Korean language by Korean speaking pastors led by Dr. Shang Ik Moon at Concordia, Irvine, CA.  These interviews, held at Irvine, CA, were conducted in Korean, with interpretation into English. We also interviewed an applicant from the Mekane Yesus Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ethiopia, conducting this interview in one of the languages of Ethiopia, Amharic.  Soon these pastors will be called to pastoral work in their native languages among various immigrant groups in the USA. 
Colloquy is for ordained pastors from other churches who are interested in becoming pastors in the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (see Bylaw 3.10.2ff).  Much depends on the individual circumstances as to what might be required, but the Colloquy Committee goes to great lengths to ensure that those who are approved for colloquy share with us in confessing Biblical teaching according to our confessions and are prepared to be pastors in the Synod.  Men certified for colloquy become members of the Synod after they are placed in their first call by the Council of Presidents.  Most of the time, applicants are interviewed in St. Louis, but when interpreters are needed, we may makearrangements to go to the applicants.  If you have questions about colloquy, email Vice President Mueller at  Thank you.
We praise God for providing workers for his harvest field, in this case, for people in our country whose first language is not English.  Christ tells us to pray for workers because He has promised to hear!