The concept is simple. By working together we can do more than we could do individually. This is the underlying concept in my family’s often used motto: “many hands make for light work.”

Lutheran Services in America has used this tagline for many years. Google “Together We Can” and you’ll find the tagline is used by many not-for-profit organizations, for-profit businesses and advocacy groups for fundraising campaigns, community events and other kinds of activities meant to bring people together around a common goal.

When President Harrison’s transition team first began its restructuring work, it felt to me like we stood looking at a huge mountain that needed to be moved. It is clear to me that the “critical moments” of the restructuring effort so far have happened when tasks, projects and goals were tackled by a group rather than the efforts of one person. The transition team, the Restructuring Work Group, the Change Network, the Administrative Team, the Operations Team, each department, various teams within the departments and all the participants in the National Mission Conference held in September 2011 are just a few of the examples of people joining together to solve a problem, consider next steps and “move the mountain” a few inches.

I ran across an older video on the Internet that is a great visual of the power of “Together We Can.”  “Together We Can” is powerful, proactive, inspiring, energizing and often absolutely mind blowing. Watch this video and see what these people did together.

-Barb Below