The season of Advent frequently is a time when congregations consider anew mission work. Some resources to consider during this time of mediation on Christ’s advent and on mission work. One such article is Hermann Sasse,  “The Question of the Church’s Unity on the Mission Field.” Translated by Matthew C. Harrison. Logia 7, no. 3 (1998): 53-60.

In this essay, Dr. Sasse takes up how the mission field raised the question of the unity of the church. He notes, “There is no unity of Christianity without deep and serious wrestling over the truth.” (pg. 59) The Witness of the Church goes hand in hand with the Church’s Confession.

In the previous post, “Lutheran Mission Must Lead to Lutheran Congregations,”  Sasse’s essay provided below is referenced. May this serve for fruitful reflection on mission during the Advent season.

Question of the Church’s Unity on the Mission Field From 07-3 Missions