Sample Org Chart

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, contributions and assistance, the restructuring process is moving along. After a year of highly detailed, broadly scoped, overall organizational change planning, we are moving to implement specific departmental plans focused around our new integrated approach to providing services to our districts, congregations and the Church at large. We are digging deep into each ministry and service unit work area to identify what is needed, what is working, what is not and what needs to be strengthened. Here are some highlights:

  • Positions descriptions for many staff members have been rewritten; although there are still a few  more to be completed.
  • A directory of employee functions has been developed. The directory provides an abbreviated description of the current job functions for each employee of the program areas along with his or her title, phone extension and email address.  This will help employees by clarifying each other’s roles and responsibilities and aid in getting work done.The valuable CNet (Change Network) group continues to meet and provide feedback and input to the restructuring process.
  • An internal Web page has been developed for employees that provides restructuring updates, information and resources.
  • The organizational chart was completed for the program areas, which includes the Office of National Mission, Office of International Mission, Pastoral Education, Communications and Fund Development.
  • The Communications department is finalizing its intake process for work assignments and projects that are requested of the department. This vital process will help to ensure  that employee effort and work are coordinated and completed as efficiently as possible.
  • During the recent LCEF Leadership Conference in Raleigh, N.C., the Office of International Mission gathered together its leadership staff  to discuss ways for working more closely together in the future. Agreements were made on roles and responsibilities in decision making and authority for program areas.
  • The Office of National Mission looks forward to a department planning retreat in December.
  • The Chart of Accounts has been completed. Testing and final revisions will be completed shortly.
  • Budget planning for 2013-2014 fiscal year is taking place under the new structure and with the new Chart of Accounts. The Office of International Mission is working to integrate the programs and budgets of the former LCMS World Mission and LCMS World Relief and Human Care departments into one budget with a focused effort on accomplishing unified goals.  Likewise, the Office of National Mission is integrating the budgets of the ministry units now gathered under its umbrella.  The Fund Development and Communications departments are outlining plans for working with the other program areas to meet the needs identified for the next year.
  • The timetable for budget development has been established and our new departments will use the new Chart of Accounts to create their budgets. We look forward in the new fiscal year to financial reporting that will list the following: Office of International Mission, Office of National Mission, Communications, Fund Development, Pastoral Education and other main categories.
  • We look forward to posting and filling several  key positions next year.
  • The Boards for National and International Mission are working hard to develop policies to guide the activities of their respective offices. Both boards’  policy sub-committees are working to draft these guidelines. Their meetings in September provided an opportunity to review many of the existing policies. More policies have been written and will be reviewed at their upcoming February  2012 meetings.
  • We look forward to the arrival of the Chief Mission Officer (CMO), Rev. Gregory Williamson. He arrives in St. Louis late this month and his first day at work is Jan 3.

There is plenty of other work going on related to restructuring but these are the highlights.

– Barb Below