In 1998, President Harrison, then pastor at Zion Lutheran in Fort Wayne, wrote an article for Logia titled, “Lutheran Missions Must Lead to Lutheran Congregations.” The events told in the essay below recently were shared with the Program and Regional Directors of the Office of International Mission in Raleigh, North  Carolina. The essay is reproduced below.

* EDITOR’S NOTE: The author of the article below notes, “The following was written some five years ago in early 1993. Since then I have not kept track of LAMP’s activities or programs. I have recently heard unofficial reports that LAMP is making an effort at a more forthrightly Lutheran missiological approach, something I would applaud and support in every way. I bear no animosity to any of the participants mentioned in this article and have made every effort to keep their identity anonymous. Above all, I offer what follows as a case study of Sasse’s essay on Lutheran missiology found in this issue of LOGIA.”

It should be noted that LAMP-US today is not as it was described in the article below. The point of the article is to provide a specific example from around 1993 (a historical snapshot) on how Lutheran Missions Did Not Lead to the formation of Lutheran Congregations. It serves as a cautionary function and an encouragement for ongoing Lutheran Mission efforts to have the goal of leading to the formation of Lutheran Congregations or the strengthening of existing congregations.

Lutheran Missions Lutheran Congregations MCH Logia 07-3 1998