ACNA-LCMS Dialogue III Group

Today was the final day of the third dialogue session between the ACNA and the LCMS. The group agreed that discussions were profitable and that another dialogue should be held in the spring of 2012. Russ Jones of OneNewsNow wrote a story about the dialogue that is reproduced below.

— Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Director of Church Relations

Churches dialogue re: culture, faith
Russ Jones – OneNewsNow – 10/28/2011 10:55:00 AM
Two Christian church unions are discussing the challenges of maintaining an orthodox evangelical faith. The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) and the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) are in Fort Wayne, Indiana, discussing trends in the modern church.

The event is the third installment of a four-part dialogue between the two church bodies, which began the dialogue in 2010. Speakers are meeting at Concordia Theological Seminary under the theme “Contemporary Issues Facing the Church in North America.” While the two denominations are not partner churches, representatives say the forum addresses topics where the culture has impacted the church — such as same-sex “marriage,” adoption by homosexuals, and the ordination of practicing homosexual men and women.

“Dr. Jonathan Riches … from the Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, [told our open forum] that the church cannot let the culture take it over,” says Dr. Albert Collver III, director of church relations and assistant to the LCMS president. Collver tells OneNewsNow he is hopeful the dialogue with the ACNA will help strengthen and encourage creedal and evangelical Christians in what the denomination calls “the last dark days.” “By ‘creedal’ we mean people who accept the Apostles’/Nicene/Athanasian Creed and who … take the creed very seriously — not simply as historical documents, but as confessions of faith, which both the Missouri Synod and the Anglican Church in North America do.”

The next session of the dialogue, tentatively planned for May 12-13 on the campus of the Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, will address the theme of “Authority in the Church.”