Diamond Jubilee Logo for the Lutheran Church of Nigeria

This week the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN) celebrates their Diamond Jubilee (75th Anniversary). Nigeria was one of the first mission efforts of the Missouri Synod after India, Brazil, and Argentina. The Lutheran Church of Nigeria began with 16 congregations in 1936 and now has 339 congregations in 38 districts. President Ekong invited President Harrison to send the keynote address for their anniversary. Later this week, we will post the address.

As part of our Life Together with our sister church in Nigeria, we give thanks for the LCN’s 75th anniversary. We are called to remember them in prayer, thanking the Lord for their faithful confession and witness to the Gospel of Jesus in Nigeria, and praying for their needs. Below is President Harrison’s video greeting to the Lutheran Church of Nigeria.

— Rev. Dr. Albert B. Collver, Director of Church Relations