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"A Little Book on Joy" Now in Reprint!

Rediscover the joy of being a Christian! LCMS president Matthew Harrison has produced a well written exploration of the nature of life in the fallen world and the joy that we have in Christ. Read about the joy of life together in community, marriage, and family, or the joys of humor, worship, the sanctity of life, and the wonders of creation.


•   Study questions at the end of each chapter, perfect for Bible study or small group study.
•   A Prayer Guide for “The Great Ninety Days of Joy after Joy with texts and prayers from Ash Wednesday through Pentecost.
•   “Something to Think About” questions are included at the end of each chapter.

A Gift from the Lutheran Church of Nigeria

Many thanks to President Christopher Ekong and the Lutheran Church of Nigeria for this beautiful gift! Blessings also on the upcoming celebration of the LCN’s diamond jubilee!