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1001 Orphan and Project 24 Update

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In this video, Pastor David Chuchu of the ELCK provides an update to the 1001 Orphan Project.

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In the next video, Rev. Bernie Seter, chairman of the Board for International Mission, provides an update on Project 24.

More information on Project 24 can be found here

Rev. Albert B Collver, Ph.D.
LCMS Director of Church Relations – Assistant to the President

Breakfast with Obare and Update on Drought

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This morning in Mombasa, we had breakfast at the hotel before going out to see other orphan sites. We discussed some of the work in Kenya. He began to explain to me how the ELCK is organized and how the Central Diocese is larger than all the other dioceses put together. The projects we have seen are in the Central Diocese but from Nairobi, the one we saw yesterday involved a 10 hour car ride.  Today, we will fly 2 hours to the North. The point is that there is a lot of territory in the Central Diocese and the projects go from Nairobi to the furthest reaches of the territory.

He also explained how in Kenya it is very possible for a person to never have heard about Jesus. He told a story about a Masai man who had five wives, one hundred children and several grandchildren. He said that there are currently 40 ELCK congregations among the Masai and how 200 or 300 people will gather to hear the Word of God. In the case of the Masai man who had 100 children, the man heard the Word and converted, that day 108 people were baptized.

In the video above, Pastor David Chuchu gives an update on the drought affecting Lutheran congregations and pastors in Kenya.

Rev. Albert B Collver, Ph.D.
LCMS Director of Church Relations – Assistant to the President

Update from ELCK Office in Nairobi

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today (2/8/11) we went to the ELCK headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. Bishop Obare and Rev. David Chuchu gave us an update on projects between the ELCK and the LCMS, especially 1001 Orphans and Project 24. Currently, the ELCK is caring for slightly more than 1000 orphans with the assistance of the LCMS.

When people in America hear of an orphanage, the image is of children in an institutional setting. Yet this is not the “orphan” program in Kenya. The children remain connected to their family. The 1001 Orphans program works more like a boarding school. The children are provided with shelter, meals, Lutheran catechesis, and education either through the Kenyan public school system or by the church itself. On breaks every two or three months, the children stay with their families or extended families. Then after break the children return to the orphan program. Such an arrangement resembles a boarding school and is not uncommon for children in Kenya.

Pastor David Chuchu provided an update about the draught in Kenya. Many people including members of the ELCK and some pastors are facing starvation. However I was unable to upload the video.

Here is Luther Plaza, the headquarters of the ELCK. The building wad built with the help of LCEF. The church has offices, a hall, and a cathedral. The remaining space is rented out and used to reply the LCEF loan. A great example of entreprenialship.

ELCK Cathedral

We also met with LCMS mission personnel in Nairobi and shared lunch, some of the best pizza we have had overseas.  Tomorrow (2/9/11) we head to Mombassa.

Kenya Landscape

Rev. Albert B Collver, Ph.D.
LCMS Director of Church Relations – Assistant to the President
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