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LCMS Japan Disaster Relief "War Room"

President Harrison led the discussion this morning at the second disaster relief “war room” meeting at the International Center since the quake and tsunami hit last Friday.

Reports and information were coordinated and shared from the following departments and individuals–either in person or by phone.


  • John Fale
  • Dennis Fangmann
  • Glenn Merritt
  • Darin Storkson
  • Al Dowbnia
  • Hans Springer
  • Chrissy Thomas


  • Dave Birner
  • John Mehl
  • Kama Bernabo
  • Travis Torblaa
  • Stacey Grapengater


  • David Strand
  • Jim Heine
  • Adriane Dorr
  • Joe Isenhower
  • Melanie Ave

President’s Office

  • Matt Harrison
  • Jon Vieker
  • Kim Vieker


  • Blake Tilley

For the latest information on LCMS relief efforts, check back often at

Following chapel this morning, staff at the IC gathered to wish President Harrison a happy birthday.

Group Arrived In Kenya

After nearly 16 hours on two planes with 4 hours of layovers, a group from the LCMS arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. Archbishop Obare and Rev. David Chuchu greeted us at the airport. The group includes Rev. Dr. Donald Fondow, President of the Minnesota North DIstrict, Rev. Dr. James Baneck, President of the North Dakota District, Rev. Jamison Hardy, Vice President of the English District, Jim Wolf, Director of Concordia Lutheran Ministries in Cabot, Pennsylvania and the great-great grandson of Dr. C.F.W. Walther, Rev. Bernie Seter, Chairman of the Board for International Mission, Roger Weinlaeder coordinator for Project 24, and Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, LCMS Director of Church Relations.

The District Presidents came on the trip to discover how their districts can partner with the LCMS in mission efforts in Kenya. Rev. Bernie Seter, chair of the BIM, said, “It is wonderful to see partnerships develop and the kingdom of God extended.”

Jim Wolf came to Kenya as a representative of Concordia Lutheran Ministries to monitor the 1001 Orphans Project and to see where other partnerships could be formed. The 1001 Orphan Project focuses on providing care for orphans in need. Project 24 focuses on the bricks and mortar for Orphans.

In the car from the airport, Archbishop Obare mentioned that there has been a draught in northern Kenya, and that there are many Lutherans literally starving. He mentioned that several of his pastors are near starvation, and that he does what he can to help, primarily praying that the Lord provide relief to his servants and to his people.

Over the coming days, check back for more updates.

Rev. Albert B Collver, Ph.D.
LCMS Director of Church Relations – Assistant to the President

A Quick Greeting from Matt Harrison and John Nunes from Baltimore

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