Edmonton seminary to honour German bishop

(From the Canadian Lutheran)

 The Rev. Hans-Jörg Voigt, Bishop of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany
 EDMONTON—The Rev. Hans-Jörg Voigt, Bishop of the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (SELK), will receive the honourary Doctor of Divinity degree at Concordia Lutheran Seminary’s Sacred Convocation in late May. News of the seminary faculty’s action in granting this honour was recently announced by Dr. James Gimbel, CLS president.
 Bishop Voigt, a native of the former communist East Germany, served as a parish pastor for 13 years before his election as SELK leader in 2006. In 2010 he became chairman of the International Lutheran Council (ILC), an association of confessional churches around the world. Despite the modest size of his church body, he has become prominent – especially in the past year – for his very courageous witness in support of historic Christian teaching on marriage, and in opposition to abortion on demand. His 2013 Pastoral Letter “Discovering Marriage and Family as Gifts of God” and other public actions won him recognition as “2013 Bishop of the Year” by an interdenominational Christian news service in his country, and more recently a “Declaration of Respect” by the Association of Christian Publicists.
  ”Concordia Lutheran Seminary is grateful for the opportunity to publicly acknowledge the courageous leadership and ministry of Bishop Voigt,” noted President Gimbel, in announcing this recognition. “In our global age, partnerships are critically important for a faithful adherence to and proclamation of God’s Word for our world. The presence of the Missionary Study Centre at our seminary, and the extensive work done by our faculty in delivering theological education to Ukraine, southeast Asia, and elsewhere testifies to our love of Christ’s mission, not only in Canada, but throughout the world. We hope to form a new generation of pastors as courageous servants of Christ in season and out of season, wherever God has placed us. We thank God for partners and models like Bishop Voigt, and appreciate this chance to highlight his leadership and witness.”
 The Sacred Convocation, at which Bishop Voigt is to be honoured, begins at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, May 30 at the Tegler Centre of Concordia University College of Alberta, directly next door to the seminary. This annual event marks the close of the academic year, and is highlighted by the conferral of academic degrees, as well as the distribution of vicarages and candidate calls. It is a public event, to which pastors, deacons and lay people from LCC congregations are invited.
 Concordia Lutheran Seminary, one of the two theological schools maintained by Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC), was founded in 1984 and has taken a leading role in the academic and spiritual preparation of pastors, especially in the two western districts of LCC.
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Is there really a uniquely LCMS approach to mission? — Lutheran Journal of Mission


Is there really a uniquely LCMS approach to mission?


That question is at the heart of the Journal of Lutheran Mission, a new e-publication available for your use from the Synod’s Offices of National and International Mission.

The scholarly journal, published digitally, exists to encourage discussion between you and those you serve, pastors, colleagues and social media friends on the interwoven nature of mission and Church.

Why take the time to read this journal? “The journal matters because mission matters,” said Rev. Bart Day, executive director of the Office of National Mission. “Christ has given all things to the Church, and the Church shares those gifts with the world.”

In addition, “The desire of the Journal of Lutheran Mission is to move beyond words (a missiology of rhetoric) to reflect the work of Christ through His Church globally,” explains the Rev. Randy Golter, executive director of the Office of National Mission. “His words are performative, and so the mission exists, is ongoing and is accomplishing His purpose. In this lies the confidence of Lutheran mission and every Lutheran missionary.”

The journal’s list of contributing editors is extensive, including faculty from both seminaries; clergy from Germany to Madagascar, Ethiopia to Siberia; Synod staff as well as two district presidents. Day and Golter serve as executive editors.

The debut issue of the journal features papers from the Synod’s Summit on Lutheran Mission, held in San Antonio, Texas, in November 2013. A first-of-its-kind event, the conference served as a venue to discuss the question, “What is our Lutheran identity when it comes to mission?”

Published three times a year, the journal can be downloaded in a variety of formats at www.lcms.org/journaloflutheranmission. Individual articles from the journal are also available so that you can share them – and continue the conversation – through social media.

“It is our desire to follow the tradition of mission that led to the founding of the Missouri Synod, to highlight and expound good examples of Lutheran missiology and to raise the height and breadth of discussion on mission so that every member of the Missouri Synod prays for the mission of the church, engages in it him/herself and supports it each according to their vocation,” explained LCMS President Matthew C. Harrison.

We hope you’ll join in the discussion. Download the journal, share it with your friends and email your thoughts to the editors at journaloflutheranmission@lcms.org.



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Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission


Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission Partners and Visitors – March 15, 2014

Last weekend I had the privilege of being in Santiago, Dominican Republic with the mission team and several mission partners from the United States and Argentina. We have been meeting to discuss the strategic plan for the mission, learn of updates and hear the current needs of the field.

The mission is extremely busy with supporting the congregations that have been formed, several worship services throughout the week, many confirmation classes, ongoing and intense outreach to people with disabilities, a Lutheran elementary school of Pre-K to 5th grade, a Lutheran pre-school, Christ For All Nations (LHM) radio broadcastings, and theological education to deacons, deaconesses, and seminarians.


Barb Below assists Ramona during Amigos de Jesus Bible Club.

 Rev. Charlie Brandt (Sun Prairie, WI) assists children at Amigos de Jesus Bible Club in Palmar Arriba.

Rev. Charlie Brandt (Sun Prairie, WI) assists children at Amigos de Jesus Bible Club in Palmar Arriba.

We had the privilege of participating in the Amigos de Jesus Bible Club for people with disabilities in the community of Palmar Arriba. Individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, along with several children in the community and church members, gathered for Bible Club activities. We began with everyone joining in songs, followed by a lesson taught by a young adult of the congregation, enjoyed more singing and finished with helping attendees to complete a coloring sheet with crayons. After we were finished, everyone enjoyed a cool beverage and participated in a Vespers service.

The Lutheran congregation in Licey (suburb of Santiago) that worships weekly was planted and formed from one of these Bible Clubs shared in that community.

If you would like more information about the Dominican Republic Lutheran Mission, would like someone to speak to your congregation about the mission, or desire to support one of the missionaries, please contact me anytime at barb.below@lcms.org.

-Barb Below